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Getting Started

Once you have installed the plugin, click on The Real Estate Voice menu item on the left hand side. You will see the dashboard along with some steps to set up your plugin:
  • Connect Facebook
  • Select your instagram page
  • Choose your branding logo
You can click on click on each of these steps in the dashboard and be taken to the relevant settings, or click on settings on the left hand menu.

Connect Facebook

The Real Estate Voice plugin will be posting content to Facebook on your behalf. In order for this to happen, you need to select the facebook page you want to share posts and listing to, and give permission to do so. To do that, you need to login to Facebook. If you want to share on instagram as well, you will need an Instagram business account, as you cannot post to your personal account. You can change your Instagram to a business profile under the instagram profile settings. 

Click on Settings and select the Facebook tab, or click in the Connect Facebook graphic on the dashboard.

Click on the connect button:


If you are not already logged into Facebook, you will be asked to login to continue. You should login in to facebook with a user that has permissions to your agent or agency Facebook page. If you are already logged in, you will get the chance to change users before you select your agent or agency page.

login facebook

If you have an Instagram business account that your Facebook login has permissions to, you will be asked which instagram pages you wish to post content to. If you do not want to post content to Instagram, then do not select any Instagram accounts, otherwise select the accounts you want to use:

instagram accounts

Click Next after selecting your Instagram business account(s). You can now choose which Facebook pages you want to share content onto. You can select multiple pages, such as your agency page and individual agent pages. You will need to have permissions to each page you wish to grant permissions to share content to:

select pages

Cick Next once you have chosen your Facebook pages. Facebook will give yo ua summary of what permissions you are allowing The Real Estate Voice to do on your behalf. You need to accept these permissions in order for the plugin to operate correctly:


Click Done and then OK to accept the permissions. You will be redirected back to the The Real Estate Voice settings page.

Connecting Instagram

Now you have given permission to access Facebook and Instagram, you now need to connect Instagram. 

Select the Instagram Tab from the settings page, or click on the Select your Instagram page from the dashboard. Click Connect:

Connect instagram

The Instagram pages you selected in the previous step will automatically connect.

If you get an error connecting Instagram, then the Facebook page you selected does not have an Instagram business account connected to it.

Choose your Instagram branding logo

When you share posts to Instagram, they are automatically branded with your logo. You need to select which logo to use. A logo of type PNG is the best, however you can select a JPEG logo. The logo will be chosen from your media files, so you can choose a brand logo you already have on your website. Click on the Select Image button and choose your logo:
select image