Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Real Estate Voice?

The Real Estate Voice is a digital marketing platform dedicated to support the Australian and New Zealand real estate industry with simple, automated digital marketing solutions to connect their social media and content marketing to their own website. This process ensures agents and agencies can increase their brand profile across all areas of digital marketing to build strong relationships with vendors and property owners,.

Our automated digital marketing platform is built specifically for real estate and provides a way for new listings to be automatically posted on social media platforms, schedule and post regular content and drive online audiences to the agents own website to engage their brand with their customer.

Why was The Real Estate Voice created?

The Real Estate Voice was created in 2020 to provide a content resource for anyone working in the real estate industry, whether they are principals, business owners, agents, or hard working property managers to keep connected with their clients through online, offline and social media marketing.

The platform has developed into a way for anyone working in the real estate industry to have simple, automated digital marketing solutions that will connect their website to their social media.

Who is behind The Real Estate Voice?

The team Realview Digital are behind The Real Estate Voice, which grew from our content marketplace Partica. We created The Real Estate Voice as a response to the effect COVID-19 had on the real estate industry in Australia and New Zealand.

With over 50 years of combined experience in digital publishing and online real estate marketing, you can be sure our team knows a thing or two about the real estate industry and successful digital marketing strategies.

Who is The Real Estate Voice for?

The Real Estate Voice is for agents and agencies in the real estate industry across Australia and New Zealand. Starting initially as a content platform, The Real Estate Voice now provides an automated, simple platform that connect a real estate website with social media platforms.

Why should I use The Real Estate Voice?

If you work in the real estate industry, you need a simple, automated digital marketing platform that connects your website with your social media.

The Real Estate Voice platform will automatically post your new listings to your social media, it offers a content library of articles you can publish on your website along with a vast library of Instagram tiles. You can easily schedule a month’s worth of content to be shared to your social media in minutes and keep your social media platforms active and current.

How do I find out more about content from The Real Estate Voice?

Get in touch with us on this link and we’ll give you a call to help you with your questions about how The Real Estate Voice platform can work for you.