Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Real Estate Voice?

The Real Estate Voice is dedicated to support the Australian and New Zealand real estate industry with useful and relevant content for home owners, investors, landlords, tenants and anyone interested in learning about real estate.

We aim to provide content to support the hard working real estate business owners, agents and property managers with content that will cut through the clutter and noise to present practical, up to date content that explains real estate without the sensationalism or speculation to their clients.

Why was The Real Estate Voice created?

The Real Estate Voice was created to provide free content resource for anyone working in the real estate industry to keep connected with their colleagues and clients. We wanted to make sure content was written with the real estate agent/principal/property manager in mind to make it easy for content to keep them connected with their contacts.

Plus, The Real Estate Voice provides a platform for businesses related to the real estate industry to provide support and information about their businesses to the benefit of principals, agents and property managers.

Who is behind The Real Estate Voice?

The team at Partica and Realview Digital are behind The Real Estate Voice, along with many of our colleagues, business partners and real estate suppliers as a response to help counter the effect of COVID-19 on the real estate industry. Find out more in our For Agents section.

Who is The Real Estate Voice for?

The Real Estate Voice is for anyone in the real estate industry across Australia and New Zealand, especially homeowners, investors, renters, buyers, sellers and the hard working real estate business owners, agents, property managers to keep informed, educated and connected.

Why should I use The Real Estate Voice?

If you work in the real estate industry, The Real Estate Voice is a free resource for content for you to use to keep connected with your clients by sharing our articles in your emails and social media posts. Plus you can learn more about support businesses, coaches and mentors in the real estate industry to help you grow your business.

Or, if you just want a know more about owning, buying and selling real estate, renting, managing or investing, then The Real Estate Voice is your go-to content resource.

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Sharing content from The Real Estate Voice 

Can I share the content on The Real Estate Voice freely?

Yes, absolutely that’s what it is for and it is encouraged – after all, sharing is caring!

The only requirement is that when you share an article you link back to the entire article on The Real Estate Voice Website.  If you want to use the entire article for your own marketing purposes, please see the “licensing content” section below.

Content from real estate coaches and businesses is also provided at no cost so please make sure you support The Real Estate Voice and these businesses by linking directly to their original source.

How do I share an article from The Real Estate Voice? 

It’s easy. Just click on the social icons at the top or bottom of each article to instantly share it to your favourite social network or email (see the image below). Alternatively, simply copy the URL of the article you wish to share and paste it into an email and/or social media post. 

What if I want to add an article on my own website blog page? 

If you want to publish the entire article on your website blog, you will need to purchase the content licence which will allow you to use the article in any of your content marketing channels online and offline. Read on to learn more about content licencing.

Licensing content from The Real Estate Voice

What’s the difference between sharing and licensing?

You can share the content freely, as long as you share the link of the original article published on The Real Estate Voice website.

If you wish to use the article in its entirety on your own website (including any images) and have the rights to edit the article to suit your tone, brand or location, then you need to purchase a content license.

How can I license the articles?

Each article has a “License this content” link which will take you to the Partica Content Marketplace where you can purchase the content license (see image below). The average price of an article is $50+ GST.

Once purchased, you can download, edit and use the article in offline, online and social media without any restrictions. Read more about licensing content on this link.

What does the content licence allow me to do with the article?

You will be able to use the article in any of your content marketing platforms, edit it and make it your own unique article. Click here to read the full details about the content licence from Partica.

How much do articles cost?

The average price of an article is $50 + GST.  Visit and search for the article you want. Click here to learn more.

Can you write articles specifically for my real estate business?

Yes, we have a team of writers who can write content specifically for you. Click here to read more about the types of custom content we can create for you.

Can I have a feed of content to my own blog website?

You sure can! Click on this link to find out more about how you can have your own branded version of The Real Estate Voice to save you time with pre written articles automatically published to your own blog page.

Content Sources and Topics

Who writes the articles on The Real Estate Voice?

Articles are sourced from professional writers, journalists and media publishers. Most writers have real estate experience and all create content that is engaging, fact driven and written in “the real estate voice”.

Are all of the articles Australian based?

There are an increasing number of articles relating to the New Zealand market. In addition, there are many evergreen articles that can be used in either Australia or New Zealand.

Are there state based articles?

Most of the articles cover national topics however there is an increase in state based articles to cater for the different markets and legislation surrounding real estate.

How do I find out more about content from The Real Estate Voice?

Get in touch with us on this link and we’ll give you a call to help you with your questions about content.