Settle Easy

When you’ve worked really hard to list a property, shown it to prospective buyers in the best possible light and sealed the deal for the vendors – it’s such a good feeling. 

What’s even better is having confidence that the final stage of this transaction – the conveyancing part – will happen without any hiccups along the way. 

We all know how frustrating it is when settlements don’t happen on time, not just for ourselves, but of course for our clients. When this happens, this can reflect badly on our own business and professional reputations can be damaged in the process. It’s time-consuming to try and help resolve conveyancing problems and settlement delays can leave clients feeling disappointed in their overall property journey. 

That’s why when online conveyancers Settle Easy first started out, they conducted on the ground market research with agents to find out more about conveyancing pain points from an industry perspective and how they could be improved. 

The result of this work set Settle Easy on the path to developing an easy-to-use platform supported by a community of conveyancers with a strong focus on customer service and a mantra to simplify conveyancing for anyone buying or selling property. 

If you have a good relationship with a local conveyancer and your clients are 100% happy with this conveyancing service, Settle Easy understands why you wouldn’t want to change this. 

But if you’re looking for easy conveyancing that: 

  • keeps agents and clients in the loop every step of the way 
  • happens 100% online 
  • prioritises exceptional customer service alongside expert conveyancing
  • is fast, efficient and streamlined 
  • is fairly priced 
  • is available to your clients 24/7 – even on weekends 

Then we think you might be interested in Settle Easy. 

As co-director of Barry Plant’s Northcote office, Loretta Khoo says, 

‘The reason we’ve referred clients to Settle Easy is that we appreciate the transparency that you provide. A lot of people are busy, they can’t attend to things during business hours and having the process outlined in a really simple way actually helps our clients understand exactly what needs to happen. And they can access it 24/7. So it’s convenient, it’s safe for them, they get a good understanding of what they need to do and it’s super easy!

What I love about Settle Easy is that you still have the personal contact with the conveyancer, but you have the added technology for people who are time-poor and need that convenience.’ 

If you’d like a demonstration of the Settle Easy platform, or to find out more about how Settle Easy can add value to your real estate business and simplify conveyancing for you and your clients, please contact Beth Oleyar, Head of Marketing, on 0401 371 759 or via email at