How to improve negotiations, win more listings, and increase sales!

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I hear over and over that “the most important thing you need is to be good at what you do” or you have to have the best product. Yes, they are important, but they are not the most important things. They come in a close second but are not first. 

Remember that no one cares what you do until they know how much you care. You’ll never get the chance to prove how good you are or how great your products and services are, if you don’t have the other person’s trust first.

We know that people only do business with people they know, like and trust. In Real Estate, it’s never been more so. And to develop trust, you first have to build relationships. And winning listings is a game of who can build trust the fastest. Where many agents rely on sales scripts and trick, your clients are getting smarter every day and they can see through the sales pitch. Your clients first need to trust you and then believe that you can help them better than anyone else can. 

“Every Relationship is a Personal Relationship”

In building relationships, where many people go wrong is thinking that they need to treat it as a business relationship. There is no such thing as a business relationship. Every relationship is human to human and it is important that you:

  1. know yourself and in particular how other people see you
  2. recognise how the different parties involved prefer to take in and process information, and how they want to be treated.
  3. then change the way you normally speak to match the way they want and need to be spoken to and treated.

The more effectively you can do this – the quicker you’ll build rapport and the greater your success will be. Following those 3 steps will give the client the sense that you know them and understand them. They will feel that you get them. 

One Real Estate Agent clients did just that and doubled his annual income in the next year. He had previously connected well with most male prospects well but struggled to connect with their female partners. He’d used all of the techniques, including compliments on their home décor, but he still fell flat. When he learnt to recognise how each person liked to be spoken to and treated – everything changed! His attention shifted from the sale to focussing on building relationships. With the rapport he created he began to win more and more listings and gained more referrals. 

But what about you? In this short article I can’t give any of the techniques, but I can give you the rest of the 7 Secrets to Reading People. Download your free copy from and test them out for yourself. They will show you how to build instant rapport and connect faster.

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Alan Stevens is an International Profiling and Communications Specialist. He’s been referred to by the UK Guardian as the leading authority on reading people, globally and the mentalist meets Dr Phil by the Herald.

Alan has worked with international clients, the likes of Disney Films and Gillette, and high-profile organisations like the Australian Federal Police to help them to understand how people tick. Alan works with business owners and executives, helping them to understand and engage their clients and prospects, enhancing their presentations and negotiation skills. 

He presently provided CPD training to a range of industries including Real Estate.

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